A 12-Week Workout Program Guide

No Expensive Equipment Needed


#Confident Body Program

Paying for expensive gym memberships that are hardly used is not sustainable. You shouldn't have to reserve a spot in class, get in your car, drive to the gym just for a 50-minute workout.  This is why I developed The Confident Body Program!

It includes 12 weeks of daily workouts for a total of 84 workouts for a confident new you!


Program highlights include:

  • Access to Video Workouts

  • Minimal Equipment Needed

  • Plus, Nutrition Guide

    • NO calorie counting

    • NO Weighing Food

    • NO Macro Counting

    • NO Starvation

  • Complimentary Support

The supplemental nutrition guide was developed by Dr. Amy Knoblock-Hahn, a registered dietician, nutritionist, and health behavior expert. 


Lindsay Burgo, CPT

Helping Women and Men have a Confident Body, Confident Mind!

My mission is to show you that you do not need to buy expensive gym equipment, pay for complicated meal plans, or join an overpriced gym. The workouts in my program are designed for you to do at home with easy dumbbells, simple body bands and items you have around the house.

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Commit to YOU time

Look at your calendar and commit to an hour a day for your workouts.

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Ask Me Questions

I started this program and continue to stay on the program. I am here to answer any fitness and nutrition questions you have.